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Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn


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Gillian Flynn. The name may ring a bell as the author of the bestseller, ’Gone Girl’. But this time, we have picked one of her other books, ‘Sharp Objects’, which won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger and the CWA New Blood Dagger.

This book has one of those dark and gloomy plots which will force you to revaluate your faith in mankind and all that is good in the world. If you are very impressionable, we would recommend that you read this book sitting under the bright afternoon Sun surrounded by people and pets.

Sharp Objects is the story of Camille Preaker, a newspaper journalist who returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to follow up on the story of the murder of a preteen girl and the mysterious disappearance of another. Camille has a difficult and tragic childhood to say the least. It all started with the death of her sister Marian when Camille was a child. The ghost of her sister’s death never left her or the mother, Adora, which left Camille wanting of the love of a mother her entire life.

When Camille returns to Wind Gap, the ghosts of her past once again triggers when she goes to live in her childhood home with her mother, her mother’s husband and her half sister, Amma. While Camille is busy trying to get to the bottom of the double murder case, she feels the untouched mysteries of her sister’s death and her mother’s estranged behaviour to her unfolding. Also, the hidden emotions and feelings that Camille has kept suppressed over the years find a way out of the bubble in which she has contained them for so long, and she finds herself doubting and questioning a lot of things which she simply assumed to be natural during her childhood days.

The story has a sinister air about it, which keeps you wanting to reach the end as soon as possible. The book is a little longer than it actually needed to be as there are some instances where the book drags on beating about the bush and literally is stuck with the same characters and same thought being retold from different perspectives. However, the narration and story telling charms of Gillian Flynn lives up to the standards set by her and her fans are sure to enjoy this book just as much as her other books. The language is good, the connectivity of the plot is good, and most importantly, the ability to engross the reader into the story in good. If you enjoy suspense thrillers, crime fiction or mystery books, this is one book you do not want to miss. The details of the protagonist’s surroundings is extremely vivid and it leaves very little to the imagination. The characters are well penned down, and the dark side of human nature is well portrayed in this book, much more so than many others of its kind, which certainly gives it an edge over books which have a similar storyline.

Overall, I would rate the book a 3.5/5. The pros of the book are: it is interesting, detailed, realistic and engrossing. The cons would be: its tendency to stretch certain portions a tad too much, the climax does not do justice to the build up which leaves you wondering if there could be a better ending to this.


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