Hello one and all!! Thank you for stopping by the blog

The Story Tellers are here to share their love of books with all readers out there in the world. Let us start by sharing a little about the authors of the blog.

There’s two of us working on this blog at the moment. While one has a deep and profound love for technology, the other has a penchant for the more whimsical things that surround the world. One loves dogs, the other prefers cats and the story goes on. The best part in having these differences is that it vents discussion and healthy debate. We discovered common ground in our absolute love of books. At any given day, we would rather sit in our houses with a book than go clubbing in a crowded pub. Not that we are hinting we are unsocial in any way but the incentives we derive from our passion for reading is unmatched in its own right.Of course, it goes without saying that we do love chilling with our friends and loved ones.

Enough about the authors of the blog. So let’s move on to what this blog will give you information about.

  • Our motive for is to review as many books as possible.
  • We will not have a specific genre or a language barrier as long as we can read books in that particular language.
  • We will start by reviewing few well known, ever green books.
  • We will definitely try not to give spoilers.
  • If we do not like a particular book, we will review that as well.
  • Owing to our crazy work schedule we will try to have at least one post every week.
  • We will also give book recommendations every now and then.
  • Please do understand that we are not professionals and that our reviews will differ from that of a more popular reviewer and their ratings for that book.
  • We are attempting to create one of those fancy Bookstagram accounts, maybe one day start a Youtube channel (its just a dream)
  • Apart from this, we will try and review movies or tv shows (actually anything review-able) occasionally for the benefit of our readers.

Our aim is to promote reading, both as an  art and a fun hobby.You can leave your comments and suggestions and your own views in the comment section below the blog posts at any given day. No hate comments will be entertained though.

One more thing, if you wish to review a particular book, you can contact us and we will give you an opportunity to post your piece as well. Even a 6 year old child can provide their reviews and we will definitely try to post it.

Last but not the least


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Lots of love



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